When a beginner golfer masters the theory and works out the technique of movements, he wants to play golf fully – to try himself on the field.

It should be understood that each golf course is a unique area with a well-thought-out and ideally organized landscape, including areas with grass of different lengths, trees, shrubs, ponds, sand holes and other landscape design elements.

There is two types of fields:

  • Natural, unique corners of nature, mainly located on the coast;

  • Fields designed by architects and landscape designers.

How is the golf course arranged?

Where to play golf?

And if you are just getting started with golf, we offer explore the structure of the golf course.

A standard field covers an area of ​​about one hundred hectares and consists of:

  • playing area offering 18 holes. A more “simplified” option is a nine-hole course;

  • Driving Range training fields;

  • separate sites for practicing the technique of short strikes Putting Green and Chipping Green;

  • an instructor-led training course for a beginner golfer (Par 3).

In turn, the playing field includes the following basic elements:

  • “Tee” area – a starting area, from where the player makes the first blow;

  • Fairway playground is the main site that occupies most of the playing field. It is covered with grass of medium length;

  • “Green” area – the area where the hole is located. It is covered with short (a few millimeters), perfectly trimmed grass, and therefore the ball in this area can roll without interference. The location of the hole is indicated by a special flag.


Additional elements of the playing field include:

  • “Raf” – areas with untouched natural vegetation or tall grass. It is better to avoid hitting the ball in this area, since when hitting the “rough” the player is forced to first knock the ball into the main zone with an additional kick, and then continue the game;

  • obstacles. These can be bodies of water, trees, buildings, as well as sandy “bunkers”. All these elements can be located both in the main area of ​​the field (“Fairway”), and in the immediate vicinity of the “Green” site.


Where to learn to play golf?

Choosing where to play golf, a beginner golfer, of course, strives to conquer a professional course. However, you should begin to hone your skills on a simpler course with nine holes. A great place where you can learn how to play golf in a fairly short period of time is a special course for beginners, which occupies a small area and has an even, flat terrain with a minimum of obstacles.

Our Golf Academy is the perfect place to practice hitting techniques. But you can already practice your hitting technique and learn how to play golf on a special training field.

In general, practice games are best done on short tee sections. This will allow not only to calmly work out the technique of strikes, but also to save a decent number of balls.

In order for the experience of learning to play golf to be only positive, you should objectively assess your capabilities and gradually gain experience and improve your skills. The duration of one game is determined individually – it is conducted as long as such training is enjoyable.

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