Victoria Mikhailova and Vladimir Osipov.

GM: Victoria, please tell us in more detail what is the essence of the Titleist Performance Institute testing at the Russian National Golf Center?

V.M .: The TPI test is a biomechanical test that was developed by golf professionals to show how a golfer’s body works in the context of a golf swing and how an athlete moves in golf.

Testing is equally suitable for both adults and children, beginners and experienced athletes alike.

Today, we worked with 15 golfers – based on the test results, each participant will be sent a program of basic exercises, according to which they can practice either independently or under my careful supervision.

GM: What can you say about the peculiarities of Vladimir Osipov’s swing?

V.M .: The fact is that Vladimir is doing the TPI test for the second time in a month and we tried to track the dynamics of how his physical form changes after my recommendations.

Together we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to work on the muscles of the back, or rather its upper part, which is very important for a golfer.

After passing the test, we noticed a limitation in the mobility of the hip joints – this leads to the fact that there is not enough weight transfer in the swing and the left knee is too mobile. This movement causes some technical problems that Vladimir will have to fix, as part of his training not only in golf, but also in fitness.

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Vladimir Osipov Victoria Mikhailova
Twisting test

GM: Vladimir, what do you think is the role of fitness for a golfer?

IN.: Fitness is an integral part of the training of any athlete who needs to be given due attention as well as golf technique itself. I would say that a golfer should devote an hour a day to fitness if necessary to prepare for a tournament.

A non-professional can go in for sports three to four times a week and that will be enough. Much depends on the tasks set.

GM: What TPI testing exercises did you do today?

IN.: Today we did about 16 different exercises to track my progress and identify problem areas.

Everything looks like a set of exercises and is carried out as a test in which it is noted how much you can control your upper shoulder girdle, lower shoulder girdle, how mobile your hip joint is, how it can turn towards the swing and when going out in swing. Everything is mainly about mobility and stability.

Vladimir Osipov Victoria Mikhailova
Leg flexibility test

GM: Did Victoria Mikhailova use any special equipment?

IN.: At a minimum. Mostly the stick was used, which every golfer has in his bag.

GM: This is your second test. How do you see progress?

IN.: In fact, only a couple of weeks have passed – progress is still difficult to track, except for sensations that are noticeable only to my eye. You can talk about changes not earlier than in a month.

GM: How will you do Victoria’s homework?

IN.: My main exercises are for knee balance and stability. For example, you get into the swallow position on one leg and rotate the hip joint. Raise the left side up and lower it (closing and opening the pelvis).

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As for the back, these are standard exercises – pull-ups, TRX, which can help open the chest area.

Vladimir Osipov Victoria Mikhailova
Balance test
GM: How much progress in physics is felt during tournaments?

IN.:I had a period when I worked on my back for a long time and in the middle of this summer I played -19. This is the result of hard work on the back for a month, doing exercises on the upper shoulder girdle and its development. After that was the most stable game.

Unfortunately, it so happened that I stopped regularly practicing on the bar and in the hall due to regular trips to tournaments, which, of course, must be done and during performances, for example, you can take the TRX with you.

GM: What’s your least favorite exercise?

IN.:Squats, because they are quite energy-consuming exercises and they exhaust me. They need to be done correctly, straining the right muscles. They exhaust me enough.

I don’t squat with a barbell so as not to injure my back. I squat with a weight in my hands (dumbbells or disc). In general, the legs can be loaded quite strongly and without weight. You can do squats with stops in the squat – 10 such squats can put a lot of stress on your legs. It is advisable to single out 2 full workouts separately for the legs.

GM: Do you recommend TRX?

IN.:Yes, in principle, this is a fairly compact and multifunctional simulator that can be suspended and work out all muscle groups.

GM: What advice would you give to a Russian golfer who doesn’t have enough time for sports?

Do basic exercises: squats, pull-ups, abs. Pull-ups can be: reverse, front grip, horizontal, TRX, etc. For the press – these are twists – it is important to train the so-called core (back, lateral oblique muscles of the press).

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Vladimir Osipov Victoria Mikhailova
Sergey Rakivnenko (, Victoria Mikhailova and Vladimir Osipov

GM: How many calories do you burn per round and what kind of food what do you recommend when doing sports?

IN.: Honestly, it’s hard to say, I’ll assume that in the region of 1000 – 1500 calories.
I recommend food not for “weight”, but for “quality”.

We do not have such an active sport, where everything can burn out. We are not runners, not cyclists, not fighters and swimmers, whose workout (2-3 times a day) burns everything instantly.

I follow a gluten-free diet when you don’t eat dough products. Chicken breast, vegetables and more. I also try to take multivitamins in winter and spring. I’m not talking about some kind of sports supplements, the usual standard vitamins. It is important to keep everything in balance.

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