Like golf swing, our smile loses its shine with age. But this process can be corrected if you entrust it to professionals. Since its opening in 1992, the most titled clinic in Russia, Megastom, has successfully returned a beautiful smile to the patient.

The clients of the unique Western methods of Megastom were the first persons of the state, prominent representatives of the business, political elite, clergy and the leadership of the Russian Golf Association.

The clinic practices a club system, patients have been using a wide range of services provided by Megastom specialists for years, recommending them to their friends and relatives.

The main key to success is a highly professional staff of doctors (for example, the clinic is run by a star tandem of professors), as well as a completely closed cycle of services, from patient consultation and diagnostics using the most modern equipment, to direct implant placement in the jaw.

Having our own unique dental laboratory allows you to exercise full control over the manufacture of future implants at all stages of production.

The healthy smile manufacturing process at Megastom reminded our editorial staff of the meticulous creation of complex Audemar Piguet watch movements near Geneva. Both companies use unique knowledge that combines high technology and many hours of work of experienced craftsmen.

The process of making a plaster cast for the future implant.

What is dental implantation?

This is the installation in the jaw of an analogue of the root of a missing tooth made of materials used at the International Space Station, on which the “new tooth” will be put on, which has gone through several interesting high-tech production processes.

At the initial consultation, the most important goal for both the patient and the doctor is to set a problem. To start a fitting without a preliminary study of the dentition means to move blindly.

A computer simulates a three-dimensional image of the jaw.

It is important that the doctor has the opportunity to see the “slices” of the investigated object: depending on the settings of the device, the slice thickness can be up to 1 mm. The examination on the apparatus takes several minutes.

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To save the patient’s time and money, Megastom clinics have the opportunity to plan the entire operation in advance on a computer.

The only 3-Shape laser scanner in Russia makes it possible to completely abandon the need to take impressions of the jaws, which often cause discomfort to patients.

The process of scanning the jaw relief with a laser.

With a laser beam, he reads the relief of the jaws and transmits the information to the laboratory, where dental technicians virtually carry out the modeling of future teeth. Then the digital image is transferred to a 3-D printer, which prints jaw models made of special polyester resins.

Interestingly, when using a 3-D scanner, it becomes possible to send information on the structure of the patient’s dentition anywhere in the world!

The planning of the implantation operation is carried out by orthopedic dentists in conjunction with surgeons. Once the planning of the implantation has been approved, the dental technician virtually simulates the surgical template, which is then 3D printed again.

The surgical template is an individual aligner (like a boxer) with metal guide shafts through which the surgeon will place the implants.

Your future smile is programmed into the machine.

This technology allows Megastom professionals to place the future tooth in the right place with cosmic precision. This is especially important in clinically difficult conditions, with a deficiency of bone tissue and the proximity of anatomical structures (for example, the mandibular nerve).

With the advent of planning an implantation operation in Megastom, it is no longer necessary to make large painful incisions. All that is required is to provide minimal access to the jaw ridge, the size of the diameter of the future implant (usually 3.5-5.5 mm).

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Through a window of this diameter, the surgeon performs all stages of the implant installation – carefully and with minimal consequences for the body.

Surgery – here, in a dream or anesthesia (apparatus on the left), all procedures will be performed for you.

Patients note an easy rehabilitation after all operations: minimal pain, no swelling, bruising, no temperature rise for 1 day and, as a result, the opportunity to go to the golf course next weekend!

If a golfer is afraid of dentists, then Megastom can offer him options such as sleep treatment or full anesthesia under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

For a future smile to last for decades, the implant must take root. 3-4 months after the implantation operation, the moment finally comes when it’s time to make a crown!

The master behind the smile.

Swiss machines at the service of Russian dentists

And here the most interesting thing begins – dental masters take over the palm, whose work resembles the production of complex watch movements.

The future smile is made using the Computer-Aided Design – Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAD – CAM) method. The process takes place in the third floor, closed from prying eyes, in the central branch of the Megastom clinic on Chistye Prudy.

Literally, CAD – CAM is design and manufacture using computer technology. The master in the office receives impressions of the jaws with an impression material in the oral cavity or an optical impression inside with an oral scanner.

If the doctor made an optical impression, the master downloads a ready-made file with the resulting image of the situation in the oral cavity into the computer. Then, virtually, in a specialized program, he simulates the future restoration.

This can be a veneer, inlay, crown, abutment (supragingival part) of an implant, made of plastic, ceramic, zirconium or titanium.

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In the basement of the Megastom clinic (to avoid vibrations), the only Swiss Computer-Aided Design machine in Russia is installed

– Computer-Aided Manufacture

After that, the only CAD-CAM machine in Russia (which is located at the very bottom of the clinic to avoid vibrations) mills future teeth from a solid workpiece. This can be a temporary plastic crown, a ceramic veneer, a zirconium crown, or a titanium abutment.

All the work is done by a Swiss robotic machine. It works well, according to a given algorithm, and the result is exactly what the doctor simulated on the computer.

The precision of the fit of such structures is amazing – this is the level of high watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship!

The craftsmen are working on the manufacture of the implant.

High dental art

To ensure that the work is not only highly accurate, but does not look different from natural teeth, a whole team of dental masters brings ceramic crowns to perfection, manually painting them and applying ceramic masses of various colors and transparencies with a brush.

Next, the crown is baked in a special oven at high temperatures to obtain a glazed surface.

All craftsmen work in special magnifying lenses to see the smallest details to create truly masterpieces of dental excellence.

A set of ceramic masses and paints.

The combination of computer technology and human potential in Megastom allows you to get aerobatics work at the level of the best foreign clinics, which allows you to significantly optimize the budget and time for traveling to foreign clinics, especially now with a high exchange rate.

Dental implants, installed more than twenty years ago, are a pride both for doctors themselves and for patients who have forgotten about their dental problems for many years once and for all. The implant survival rate in Megastom is 98.8%.

The finished tooth is baked in the oven.

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