In golf, as in other sports, there are many terms that, to uninitiated players, seem to be magic spells. Some of them may never come in handy. But other details, such as the main shots and sticks, the position of the players, the scoring rules and competition formats, form the basis without which there is nothing to do on the field. Let’s try to figure it out.

Basic golf shots

The game is played on a golf course – a specially prepared area with an uneven relief. The first blow is taken from the site named ti, and the last zone with a hole, into which it is necessary to drive the ball, becomes green – the area with the lowest grass. Most of the golf course is fairway, covered with a lawn of medium height. And the zone with the longest grass, from where it is most difficult to knock the ball, is called rafHole not only is the recess intended for the ball corral, but also the section from tee to green, on which there can be special traps made of sand, water or grass, and natural barriers in the form of stones, branches and even insects. The standard golf course consists of 18 holes.

The main movement, consisting of a swing, swing and direct blow, is called swing… It is he who is the basic technique in working with all clubs except the putter, and the basis for strikes.

Drive – the very first hit that a player makes on the hole. Performed from a special stand driver – the club with the longest shaft and the largest head at a small incline. The goal of the drive is to knock the ball off the tee as far as possible and towards the green. Sometimes players make this blow with another version of the club with a large head – wood

Golf kicks
Chip – a short, relatively low hit, after which the ball rolls, covering a considerable distance. Usually used near the green. A stick is usually used for the chip. wage, which is also knocked out of bunkers (sand trap) or putter iron with a metal head, convenient for pulling the ball out of tall grass. Golf kicks
Pitch – a high kick to be carried over an obstacle (rough, water or bunker), after which the ball slows down quickly and practically does not move. It is also used next to the green and is performed with a special club with a large angle of inclination – sand-wage Golf kicks
Pat – a smooth rolling kick used to drive the ball into the hole already on the green. Performed with a stick patter, for which not a swing, but a pendulum movement is used. Golf kicks
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A strike along a perfectly flat and straight trajectory is called straight … But due to various factors, the execution of such a blow is very rare: there is always a factor that interferes with the accurate flight of the ball.

Other types of blows:

Hook – a kick from a right-side stand with a straight departure, in which the ball is strongly deflected to the left.

Golf kicks

Slice – a kick from a right-sided stance, in which the ball, after being ejected along a straight trajectory, strongly deviates to the right.

Golf kicks

Dro – a kick from a right-side stance with a straight flight, after which the ball is slightly deflected to the left.

Golf kicks
Fade – a kick from a right-handed stand with a straight flight, after which the ball is slightly deflected to the right. Golf kicks
Pool – kick from a right-sided stand with the ball flying to the left of the target. Golf kicks
Push – a kick from a right-sided stand with the ball flying to the right of the target. Golf kicks

Strongly twisted left and right blows may be called pool hook and push slice… Slice, pool, push and hook are undesirable techniques that lead to the deflection of the ball from a given trajectory, which inevitably complicates the game.

A little about golf clubs

The design of the club consists of a head that directly hits the ball, a rubber or leather coated handle, and a metal or plastic rod that connects the top and bottom of the projectile. There are about 30 types of such equipment, but according to the rules, the maximum number that a player can use in a match is limited to 14 clubs. All of them differ in head design, angle and length of the rod and are used for playing on different parts of the golf course.

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Golf clubs Iron… Essential for accurate shots at medium and short distances, as well as for the first swing on a small hole and “pulling” the ball out of the rough.
Golf clubs Woods. They are used for strikes at the greatest possible distances, mainly from the tee.
Golf clubs Wedge… This is a type of iron, but such clubs are used mainly to knock out a ball that has fallen into a trap.
Golf clubs Putters… Special golf clubs for soft, accurate shots on the green. Sometimes they are used to knock the ball into the green from areas of low grass, where it is easy to interrupt the ball further than necessary with other clubs and strokes.

For each shot, the player chooses the most suitable club that will help him hit the ball as accurately as possible and close to the green with the hole.

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