A few decades ago, a golfer, preparing for the game, was collecting a weighty bag. With him on the field, he took at least 25 clubs. Later, a rule was introduced, according to which the maximum number of clubs that a player has the right to use in one match is 14. In total, today there are about three dozen varieties of this main golf equipment. And it is very important to be able to choose the right ones, because golf clubs directly affect the course of the game and its result.

Golf club: features of the projectile

Golf clubs

A golf club is a special device used by a golfer to hit the ball. It is a projectile consisting of a handle, a head and a connecting element (metal or plastic rod). The handle is the upper part of the projectile designed for the grip. From above it is covered with leather or rubber. The head – the “striking” part of the club – consists of the neck, toe, heel, face and sole covered with grooves. The heads can be of different sizes, depending on the type of projectile.

Golf clubs are made from different materials, they have different sizes and colors.


Types of clubs

Anyone who seeks to learn the game will certainly be interested in the question: what is the name of the golf club? So, these shells are divided into groups depending on the range of impact, and each of the groups has its own name. The most common club groups are:

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Golf Club Driver driver. The stick is designed for the farthest hit (usually the first). She has the largest head with a small angle of inclination. The ball is hit with this club not from the ground, but from a special key set by the golfer himself;
Golf Club Wood wood. The stick has a large head and is designed for long range shots. As the name implies, the head of this club used to be made of wood, but now the material for manufacturing is mainly titanium alloy. A blow with wood is produced in most cases from low grass, sometimes from a quiet;
Golf Club Hybrid hybrid – a club that allows you to hit long and medium distances from high or low grass;
Iron golf club iron – a hockey stick with a metal head. Designed to take shots at medium or short distances. Equipped with a flat metal head. This projectile can be hit from both high and low grass. The target is usually the green area where the hole is located;
Wage golf club wage – a club used to execute strikes over short distances and to knock the ball out of the sand “trap”. So, to knock a ball out of the sand, a stick called a sand-wage is used. Moreover, the blow should be applied not to the ball itself, but to the sand in front of it. And if it is necessary for the ball to fly along a high trajectory for a short distance, pitch-wage is used;
Putter golf club patter – a club, which is necessary to hit the ball, which is located almost next to the hole.

Each of the listed groups can have several clubs, which are numbered. There is a difference in impact length between two consecutive numbers of shells (about 10 meters).

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