Although golf is a fairly democratic sport, it has its own regulations, which include a number of rules and requirements. And few players who hit the ball dexterously and hard think that a seemingly simple golf ball is made according to well-established standards that define its characteristics and behavior in the game.

Golf ball evolution

The first balls, which appeared in the distant XIV century, were made of wood. And only three centuries later they were replaced by leather bags filled with feathers.

The next stage in the development of this key golf subject was the invention in the 19th century of balls, which were made from the hardened sap of sapodilla, a tree native to Malaysia. In the 20th century, rubber balls began to be used in the game. And, finally, the result of numerous developments and experiments was the introduction of a solid ball made of synthetic materials at the end of the last century.

Modern golf ball

Golf ball

According to the established requirements, a modern golf ball has a weight of at least 45.9 grams and a diameter of at least 42.67 mm. In the UK, a slightly smaller 41.1 mm ball may be used. The cross-sectional structure of the ball consists of several layers. The core of the product design is made up of the core, and the top layer is a shell made of a material similar in composition to rubber.

As you can see, the outer surface of the ball is covered with small dimples. There can be a different number of them, depending on the decision of a particular manufacturer – from 324 to 428 and even more. The presence of such depressions significantly improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the ball: reduced air resistance, air flow during flight. In this way, the golf ball can fly further, higher and in a well-defined trajectory without deviation. This allows you to make a more accurate hit, give it the maximum possible force and quickly roll it into the hole.

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Types of golf balls

By its internal design, a golf ball can be of different types:

Single layer golf ball single layer – made of one material, has a homogeneous structure. It has low flight range characteristics, and therefore is not used in a professional game. However, due to its affordable price, it is widely used by beginners to practice the technique of the game;
Golf ball double layer double layer golf ball – the most common and popular option. It has a fairly simple design, and therefore is inexpensive. Nevertheless, such a ball is distinguished by high aerodynamic characteristics, wear resistance and durability;
Three-layer golf ball three-layer golf ball… Its upper (third) layer is made of an elastic material that cushions the impact. Such balls are used by professional golfers: high-end players can apply a side spin, which allows a flying ball to go around any obstacle (for example, a tree), from the side;
Four-layer golf ball four-layer – used by high-class golfers. Such a ball can fly a distance of more than two hundred meters.

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