Beginners on the golf course often get lost when they hear the incomprehensible word “steam” from their partner. Why is the hole marked with par-3 or par-4 when playing golf when you can just have fun?

Later, as the player gains experience, they discover the exciting world of amateur matches. In some cases, young club members get the opportunity to assess their progress by taking part in a local tournament. When participating in the game at the expense of the ability to quickly figure out how one or another hole of a golf course is quoted, it can do the player a good service: the referee is also a person who tends to make mistakes, he can gape or play along with his favorite. Finally, when playing golf, a correctly rated pair gives you a hint of which golf club you need to hit for the most accurate shot.


The term “par” refers to the number of strokes required before a golf hole is covered by a ball. Based on the distance from the tee to the green, the number of shots per hole is calculated as follows:

  • par-3 – the distance is less than 225 meters, the normative number of strikes is three;
  • steam-4 – distance 225 – 434 meters, the number of strikes – four;
  • steam-5 – distance over 435 meters, the number of strikes is five.

As an exception, there are also 6-par holes for super-pros, located at a distance of 595 meters from the tee and beyond.

Occasionally, based on golf experience, the hole may receive a par higher than the prescribed distance, since the presence of a number of serious obstacles makes it difficult for the player to complete the task.

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The round is scored by the number of strokes. The standard answer to the question of how many holes there are in golf and what is the total par of the course is 18 holes, including ten 4-par holes and four 3-par and 5-par holes. In total, the total pair of the standard field is 72 strokes. In fact, each club decides for itself how many holes in golf to have, guided by the available opportunities. The only requirement is that the number of holes must be a multiple of nine.

Depending on the qualifications of the golfer, a golf course hole may be hit with more or less hits than its par. In such cases, strikes are counted with a plus or minus sign. A regular visit to the golf club opens the way to mastery: it will not be difficult for an experienced player to complete a 5-par hole with three accurately calculated strokes.

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