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Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Dental Center MEGASTOM, golfer

Healthy and even teeth are an indispensable attribute of a successful person and golfer. Braces and other methods of teeth straightening, which are used in the best clinics in the world, have ceased to be something archaic, but have acquired a new breath with the advent of modern technologies.

Prince William-1100.jpg
Prince William has internal braces, only their owner knows about their existence. Max Mmby / Indigo

The owner of an unaesthetic smile can often ignore the feeling of discomfort. But, as you know, the first impression remains in the memory for a long time.

It is unlikely that a smile with crooked teeth will leave a positive effect. Is it worth it to volunteer to label yourself when you can just get rid of the problem?

To be honest, the feeling of psychological discomfort is, to varying degrees, a constant companion of a person with an unhealthy smile. Uneven chewing load, crowding of teeth and their pathological position, step by step, inexorably lead to serious health problems, reducing life expectancy (sleep apnea).

A number of specialists such as an orthodontist, an orthopedist and a gnathologist are involved in bite correction and teeth alignment at Megastom.

If necessary, hygienists, therapists, surgeons and implantologists are involved in the treatment in accordance with a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach.

One of the high-quality methods of bite correction and teeth alignment is treatment with braces (orthodontic equipment).

Princess Eugenie-Megastom-1100.jpg
Princess Eugenie wears external metal braces, if you need a predictable effective result, take a closer look at these systems. Anvar hussein
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There are vestibular braces that are installed on the outer surface of the dentition and lingual braces that are fixed inside the oral cavity.

Vestibular braces include metal, plastic, ceramic and sapphire braces.

After the diagnosis, a competent orthodontist will offer only the type of braces that will suit the patient individually according to clinical requirements and his wishes.

There is a proportion of patients who are anxious about this method of teeth alignment. Concerns about appearance with braces may outweigh the discomfort due to uneven teeth, and the patient voluntarily refuses treatment.

The singer Cher has one of the types of external aesthetic braces – ceramic. Durable not noticeable, the choice of young women. Robin platzer

However, it is worth noting that braces have long been an element of fashion trends, and their owners are noted as wealthy people who carefully monitor their health and appearance.

Author: dental orthodontist clinic “Megastom” Maltseva Oksana, edited by Professor Alexei Sharin.

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