Sofia Anokhina: Charitable Foundation “Overcome-ka” – a symphony of children’s hearts that knows no boundaries

Sofia Anokhina Member of the Russian women’s golf team, current player of the University of Northern Arizona, Champion of Russia, four-time medalist of the Championship of Russia This winter, Sofia Anokhina, the Southwest American Golf League Player of the Year 2016-2017 Player of the Year for the University of Arizona golf team, became the trustee of the Overcome-ka charitable foundation […]

New Golf Rules published

The process of changing the Rules began in 2012. The main goal is to simplify some of the rules so that they become more accessible to players and spectators, as well as in order to attract more new audiences to golf. We present our readers with a unique opportunity to read and download the new Golf Rules and materials: (About […]

Results of the First “MSU Open”. Winners: Dmitry Kolosov, Ulyana Sotnikova, Oleg Milekhin

On October 10, 2020, a significant date in university sports, a tournament among students and graduates of Moscow State University was held at the Zavidovo golf club. Lomonosov. The tournament “MSU OPEN 2020” was held in a friendly atmosphere on a perfectly prepared field and good weather, which contributed to excellent results .. On this day, 80 people went to […]

Triumphant performance of Samara athletes at the Russian Mini-Golf Championship

In 2009, Samara mini-golfers for the first time took part in the Russian Mini-golf Championship held in Moscow. Then all the bottom places in the final table were behind them. 11 years later, athletes from the Samara region took all the prizes at the 16th Russian Mini-Golf Championship held at the Surskie Zori recreation center (Republic of Chuvashia)! The competition […]

Irkutsk Region Golf Cup, results

This weekend the final tournament of the season in the region was held in the Irkutsk Region: the Irkutsk Region Golf Cup, organized by the Regional Golf Federation of the Irkutsk Region “, the competition was held with the support of the Russian Golf Association. A real test awaited the golfers, almost 30 cm of snow fell on the eve […]

Golf.Ru Final Swing 2020 at Moscow Country Club. Outcome

On October 3, the Final Swing season closing tournament was held in Nakhabino. The general partner of the event was the portal GOLF.RU. Traditionally, before the end of the season, a general meeting of the MCC members was held, at which the Board of Governors (BOG) was elected. There were only 9 people in the Council and six had […]

Golf as an art. Closing of the 2020 season in Pestovo

On a sunny October day on October 3, a bright closing of the Golf Season 2020 took place in the Pestovo golf club. The warm mood of this day as nothing better enhanced the special atmosphere of this holiday, which brought together lovers of the noble game and partners of the club. Traditionally, the players gathered for the morning tournament, […]