Golf club
Golf club

In the 30s. the players were using so many clubs that the caddies suffered from the weight of 25 golf clubs that had to be carried in huge bags. It was then that the Royal and Ancient and the United States Golf Association came to an agreement on a maximum of 14 golf clubs.

At the beginning of their careers, beginners are advised to purchase half of the kit. It can be wood # 3 plus wood # 5 or # 7, complemented by odd or even irons. If you want to follow this advice, look for a golf club that is marketed as an independent inventory – this will allow you to add additional clubs to your half of the set as you grow in skill.

It is not necessary to have woods of the same model as the irons. However, it is recommended to purchase a set of matched irons that are similar in weight and balance.

Drivers are made with a club head impact angle from 7 ‘to 12’. While the pros who take part in the tournaments can be content with a 7 ′ angle.

Knowing the golf club design will help you choose the one that works best for you. Choose a club with a comfortable shaft. In the case of choosing an iron, this is less important than when choosing a wood. When you purchase a driver, you need to choose the right rod. If you use a shaft that is too stiff, it will result in a low height and deflection of the blows to the right. If the rod is too soft and flexible, it is difficult to control the direction of the ball.

Description of the golf club
Description of the golf club

Typically, rods are categorized as follows: E – hard, I – regular men, A or a rod for older golfers (suitable for older men and women with a high playing class or tall), and I – women. Some of the rods are numbered, but your trainer can tell you how these numbers relate to regular male and female rods. Don’t use a stiff rod if you are not sure you can handle it.


Regular male rods are suitable for almost all male club players. Female club rods are suitable for most women.

Taller women who prefer longer rods are advised to use the senior rod.

Take care of your golf clubs. It doesn’t matter if the golf clubs are made of metal or wood – they need to be protected with head covers. If they get wet, remove the covers after playing and wipe them dry.

Keep the woods in good condition, wipe the areas where the coating has been damaged with polyethylene varnish. If the markings on the face are poor, apply a small amount of linseed oil before applying the varnish and let it dry.

The choice of golf clubs is extremely important. This does not mean that you have to buy very expensive equipment, but you should select clubs according to your height, strength and general playing style.

Most players can use standard golf clubs. However, people differ significantly from each other in height, the hands are usually located at about the same distance from the ground. Men with a height of 160 cm to 180 cm can use standard golf clubs, the same applies to women with a height of 155 cm to 168 cm.

Golf club size
Golf club size

It must be remembered that if you increase the length of the club, then the rod rises, the head seems heavier. If you shorten the club, it becomes less flexible, and the hands feel it worse. In particular, tall players often have difficulty with sticks that are too short, especially with short irons.


It is often very important to have the correct club line, in other words, the angle at which the club is positioned relative to the ground when the player is in the initial stance. If the player is tall, or if they hold their arms high, the heel of the putter may lift up and the toe will tend to hit the ground, resulting in a slice. Therefore, the tall player must carefully check the club position.

Buy golf clubs with the correct thickness, with your left gris fingers only lightly touching the ball of your thumb. Keep your grips in good condition and wash them regularly with warm water.

If you bought a new set of golf clubs with poorly fitted grips, ask the clubmaker to adjust them for you. The grip on the stick should not be round, but egg-shaped. Therefore, if the grips are incorrectly installed, you will have difficulty keeping the front surface of the club in an even position and in an even approach to the ball.

An experienced golfer should be able to select a golf club with his eyes closed by turning it around and placing his hands on it – feeling the grip.

Correct club grip
Correct club grip

For a good strike, it is very important the thickness of the flute. Some adjustments can be made by wrapping the tape around the rod. Almost all pros use a flat grip in front. This ensures the correct grip – thumbs in front, and hands on the sides. Always check the striking surface of the putter. This is the hitting area of ​​the face of the club that gives the correct hit.

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Putters are usually of four types – putter in the shape of a club, with a club head resembling a hammer, putters with a shaft at the middle of the club head, with mass distributed to the heel, toe and sole of the club head.

The latter two have the highest probability of the largest impact surface. The old fashioned club putter is very difficult to use by comparison.

The length of the putters varies from 80 to 90 cm. The angle of inclination of the front surface of the putter can range from 3-7 °. Low angle putters are ideal for competitive greens. High angle putters can be used on bad greens as well as for players who initially place their hands in front. A light putter can be very difficult to control, while a heavy putter encourages an even swing.

Choose a putter with a flat grip (grip) – it is more convenient to hold it correctly. And remember: the rod of the putter must be at least 10 “off the vertical.

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