About me

I first tried golf in the spring of 2015 – before that my husband, a big fan of the game, had tried unsuccessfully for several years to “drag” me onto the course. I won’t hide it – at that time I thought golf was too boring, so I took up the golf club without much enthusiasm.

But with the first game, my attitude towards golf changed dramatically. I started training hard, and after 3 months of training, the incredible thing happened – I scored my first Hole in One! This event was a turning point and an incentive for me to play even better: by intensifying the number of trainings, I followed the key news in the world of golf, watched tournaments and collected the most interesting information about the game. In my travels, there was a mandatory point – the presence of a golf course. I practiced everywhere and always.

And then I realized how little information about golf in Russian. How many people do not play golf for one reason – they do not know anything about golf. So I created My Dream Golf to share my experience and knowledge about golf with other people. To make it interesting for both avid golfers and those who are going to take up golf clubs. So that golf becomes as popular in our society as it is in all developed countries.

Golf – develops, disciplines and teaches self-control, gives an opportunity to build a sporting career and make connections in business. In addition, golf is the best option for your family holiday. I am the mother of two babies, so it is especially important and interesting for me to develop the topic of children’s sport so that more and more children can play it.

Golf is my passion, my lifestyle. Let’s love it together!