Information for beginners

In golf, as in other sports, there are many terms that, to uninitiated players, seem to be magic spells. Some of them may never come in handy. But other details, such as the main shots and sticks, the position of the players, the scoring rules and competition formats, form the basis without which there is nothing to do on the […]

Game formats

There are two main game formats in golf – match play and stroke play. The first is a match in which holes are the basis for scoring, and the second is a scoring competition where the number of strokes is recorded. Outwardly similar, these formats imply a different procedure and system of penalties from each other. But in addition to […]

Where to play golf?

PRICES FOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP SERVICES When a beginner golfer masters the theory and works out the technique of movements, he wants to play golf fully – to try himself on the field. It should be understood that each golf course is a unique area with a well-thought-out and ideally organized landscape, including areas with grass of different lengths, trees, shrubs, […]

Golf ball

PRICES FOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP SERVICES Although golf is a fairly democratic sport, it has its own regulations, which include a number of rules and requirements. And few players who hit the ball dexterously and hard think that a seemingly simple golf ball is made according to well-established standards that define its characteristics and behavior in the game. Golf ball evolution […]

Golf clubs: features and types

PRICES FOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP SERVICES A few decades ago, a golfer, preparing for the game, was collecting a weighty bag. With him on the field, he took at least 25 clubs. Later, a rule was introduced, according to which the maximum number of clubs that a player has the right to use in one match is 14. In total, today […]

Golf Rules: Wisdom of Tradition and Gentleman’s Chic

PRICES FOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP SERVICES If you are just getting started with golf and don’t know the rules yet, don’t worry! The practical minimum, coupled with club etiquette, is usually set out on the player’s scorecard. But if your goal is not just participation, but a confident victory, you need to know the rules of golf by heart: penalties are […]

Different wells are needed: what is steam and what is it eaten with?

Beginners on the golf course often get lost when they hear the incomprehensible word “steam” from their partner. Why is the hole marked with par-3 or par-4 when playing golf when you can just have fun? Later, as the player gains experience, they discover the exciting world of amateur matches. In some cases, young club members get the opportunity to […]

Viktor Khristenko and Dmitry Zakharov on the results of the “Dream Team” golf project

Members of the Dream Team Alisa Khokhlova, Natalya Guseva, Marina Polina. The Dream Team golf project was created by the Russian Golf Association with the active participation of its president, Viktor Khristenko. The direct training of young golfers is led by Dmitry Zakharov, who is assisted by physical training coach Manvel Dunn. “Dream Team” is one of the main […]